A ticketing system is the most widespread channel of communication that web hosting companies offer to their clients. It’s usually part of the billing account and is the most efficient way to resolve a problem that takes some time to investigate or that needs to be forwarded to a server admin. Thus, all replies provided by either party will be stored in one location in case someone else wants to work on the given issue and the information already exchanged in the ticket will be accessible to all parties. The negative aspect of deploying a ticketing system with most web hosting platforms is that it is not integrated into the hosting Control Panel, which implies that you will have to sign in and out of at least two accounts to execute a particular operation or to reach the company’s help desk support team. In case you’d like to administer a handful of domains and each one is hosted in a different account, you’ll need to use even more accounts at the same time. Furthermore, it can take a significant length of time for the hosting provider to answer your ticket request.
Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Website Hosting
The ticketing system that we use for our cloud website hosting services is not separate from the web hosting account. It’s an essential part of our all-encompassing Hepsia Control Panel and you’ll be able to access it at any specific moment with just a few mouse clicks, without needing to leave your web hosting account. The ticketing system features a quick-search box, so you can trace de facto any support ticket that you have sent in the past, if necessary. Furthermore, you can read knowledge base articles that belong to various problem categories, which you can pick, so you can find out how to tackle a specific problem even before you send a ticket. The ticket response time is maximum 1 hour, which implies that you can get timely assistance whenever you need it and if our customer service team recommends that you do something in your account, you can do it instantly without having to leave the Hepsia Control Panel.
Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We think that it is more efficient to manage everything in a single place, which is the reason why we have integrated a support ticket system into the in-house created Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is offered with every semi-dedicated server package. This will enable you to handle the correspondence with our customer service team together with your files, which suggests that you will not need to memorize one more sign-in name for another admin interface. You’ll be able to open a new ticket or to track the status of an old one with less than a few clicks whilst you are browsing the content within your semi-dedicated account. Moreover, you can look through older tickets using an intelligent search box or take a look at relevant help articles, which provide solutions to commonly met issues. The integrated ticketing system is monitored 24-7-365 with the maximum ticket response time being just 1 hour, so there’ll always be somebody to help you out.